The Refracted Glade

Welcome to the Glade!

This is a part of the small corner of the internet that we like to call our home. Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to wander and look around. We've got a few projects out in the open currently. The Archives, a project mostly managed by the Archivist with assistance from the rest of us, is an attempt to maintain public access to files and documents of interest that are no longer easily available. The most prominent piece of the collection is the original soundtrack to the film Heart String Marionette. If this sounds interesting, feel free to take a gander!

We also have a joint project between the Archivist and Tragedy simply labeled "Proxy Fiction." In short, a managed list of fictional works that have the common element of focusing on an entirely fictional work that we as the reader are, at best, only slightly privy to. Please take a look!

Future Plans

We're currently still in the process of getting this skeleton of a website standing, so features aren't a high priority at the moment.

That being said, we WOULD like to add a button that toggles the site into a complete toki pona translation! It'll function as good practice for us, as we've been working on learning the language lately.